“Thank You!”

My weekly entries to this blog have now come to an end. For almost five years, you and I have shared a weekly sewing journey together.  The point of the blog has always been to keep in touch with all our wonderful customers and, hopefully, give you some further insight into the features and capabilities of your machine.  Along the way, we have talked about sewing and machine techniques for everything from embroidery to quilting, from home décor and garments to upholstery.  There have been a core of customers who have read this blog each and every week and for that, I am honored and I sincerely thank you.

I wanted to make sure, if you wanted, you knew how you might be able to save some of the blog entries that you found especially helpful so you would have them after the website is gone.  I used a PC for this, but a Mac should work the same way.  Simply highlight what you would like to save on the blog page and choose Copy (for me, that is CTRL + C).  Open a Word document or something else where you can save the information and paste onto that page (for me, CTRL + V).  Voila!  It is at your fingertips, words and pictures!  I would imagine the website’s blog will not be in operation for long after the store closes, so if saving entries is something that appeals to you, you may want to do this sooner than later!  The only other thing you may not be able to access once the website is gone are the links I put into many of the blog entries.  If you are not able to access them from your saved document, then these would need to be copied by following the link in the blog and then copying the URL in the bar across the top of the page to save into your document.  When I did my test save, the links showed up as active, though, and I was able to follow them successfully.  I don’t know how much of that is due to the blog pages still being live on the website.  I do hope this helps.

Again, thank you so much for your time reading the blog and for your patronage of the store.  I’ve enjoyed teaching so many of you in person through our machine classes, creative classes and private lessons as well as visiting with you through your computer each week with the blog!  I hope you enjoy the upcoming holidays with family and friends and, of course, Happy Sewing!