“A Beginner Again?”

I’ve shared with you in previous blogs that I have been sewing and embroidering for quite a while.  I am an eclectic sewer, sewing whatever comes up that week.  I don’t generally have a lot of planned projects, so no two weeks ever seem to be the same in my sewing room.  Last week it was clothing for me, onesies for my youngest niece’s little baby (who has outgrown the onesies I made for her earlier in the summer) and a cardigan for my oldest niece’s birthday.  This week I will be sewing baby gifts for my neighbor and helping to choose fabrics to decorate a nursery with my eldest niece (did you notice the baby theme going on right now?).  So it may surprise you to hear that this week I have been watching tutorials on beginning embroidery and beginning sewing.  Why would I do that?  Doesn’t that seem like a waste of time?  Well, yes and no.  Yes, because I must admit I do fast forward through parts of some of the videos because I do know the material all too well, but no because I have always appreciated learning new ways of doing things; maybe in ways I have never thought of myself, so the beginning videos allow me to see techniques through the eyes of others.  I am reminded of presser feet I have not used in a long time, adjustments to the machine I have not used recently and sometimes, a whole new approach or a new tip that makes me really glad I took the time to be a beginner again.  Here are a couple of the videos from YouTube I have been watching this week.  They are in no particular order and may or may not be of interest to you, but I thought I would share them nonetheless.  You may want to think about what you are most interested in with your sewing and then find a beginner video made by someone who knows their stuff.  Happy Sewing!

Karen Charles Facebook Live recording “Sew with Thick and Heavy Fabrics” 

Karen’s explanation of the Non-stick Glide Foot  H is worth taking note of.  If your machine did not come with this foot, I highly recommend you consider that optional purchase.  I have used this foot in some of the most unexpected circumstances and it has never failed to save the day when my clear feet and metal feet simply were too “sticky” on my fabric to produce an acceptable stitch.

Becky from Power Tools with Thread, “Easy Free Standing Lace Ornaments from Designs by JuJu – Beginner Machine Embroidery” 

Becky’s tip for using T-pins is exactly why I appreciate the hoop clips used by Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff machines.

“Tiffany’s Quilting Life”, “How is it I get Quilts done so Fast?? This is how!” 

Tiffany makes great use of the packaging that comes with her layer cakes.  I always appreciate a new and simple way to keep things all together!

“Craft Room Habits You Need to Break”   The Crafty Organizer

This video has suggestions for all over my house, not just my sewing room.  Now, I just need to find some follow through on my part!