I enjoy the unique projects I can create with my machines.  I especially appreciate the ability to create unique trims for my projects.  With the cooler weather today, I started thinking about making a jacket to keep me warm on those early morning walks with our German Shepherd and I started my design process by turning on my Creative Icon and going through the decorative stitches on the machine.  I came across the ribbon stitches and had a thought:  “What if I substituted yarn for the ribbon with these stitches?”  The instructions for the ribbon stitches say ribbons between 2-5 mm wide can be used (which is 1/8” – ¼”).  Could I use yarn that was between 1/8” and ¼”?  I chose 3 different yarns and a sample piece of fabric and began to experiment.  Let’s see what you think!

I like to experiment on white fabric so I can clearly see any issues that may arise. This material is pocket lining, which is a medium weight cotton. I drew a line down the center of my 6″ square with my heat-erase pen and used a piece of tear away stabilizer on the back.
I disengaged the dual feed and put on foot 2A, per the manual’s instructions.
The groove on the back allowed the yarn to feed freely and evenly.
I really didn’t care which stitch I used for this experiment, so I just chose to use the first one. I was most interested to see if the yarn would work in place of the ribbon.
To help keep your ribbon stitches straight, the instructions say to put the middle red line on the foot on the drawn line on your fabric.
Remember to engage the “needle down” function on the machine for this technique!
Don’t be concerned if your foot leaves the line when it travels right.
When it comes back to the left, it will find the line again!
This yarn has a chenille-like texture. It is 1/4″ wide. This is how it looks horizontally….
…and this is how it looks vertically.
I next tried a worsted weight yarn that was 1/8″ wide.
I lastly tried a bulky yarn that measured 1/4″ in width.
The bulky weight yarn tended to pull apart a bit as it went under the presser foot.
This is the final product with all the markings erased. I know which one I like the best. What about you?

Bottom line…….you can use 1/8″ – 1/4″ yarn in place of ribbon, at least for the single ribbon stitches. I’m going to play around a bit more with the chenille yarn (the center one in the above picture) since that was my favorite. Judging how the yarn behaved as it went under the presser foot, I would only use yarn for the single ribbon stitches when using the 1/4″ yarn. The worsted weight yarn would probably work well for the double ribbon stitches. I’m not sure how the triple ribbon stitches and yarn would fair! What will you experiment with this week? Happy Sewing!