“What Gives You Inspiration?”

I am always fascinated with how others approach choosing fabrics and sewing projects.  It’s something so basic to the art of sewing but so varied in its execution.  Some people look for inspiration in colors or textures, while others find it in patterns or skills needed to complete a task.  I am a visual/kinesthetic learner, so I want to see different colors and feel the texture of the fabrics.  I like tweeds, batiks and prints that have movement but my fabric collection has a lot of solid fabrics in it.  That’s because I also choose fabrics keeping in mind the embroidery designs I may want to use for the fabric’s embellishment.  For me, the fabric comes first when choosing a new project.  There have been many times when I have chosen a pattern for a garment, table runner or quilt because I liked the finished product pictured on the pattern only to find I am unable to replicate the fabric used.  That’s extremely frustrating for me, so choosing fabric first and then finding an appropriate pattern for that fabric seems to be my best option.  I must admit there are also times when I want to tackle something really challenging in the skills needed to complete a project.  For me, there is a different sense of accomplishment when I finish a complex project versus a simple one. I know that “done is better than perfect” (as quilter Jenny Doan likes to say) but sometimes I really want to shoot for perfection!

I saw this video today and thought you might like to take a look, if you haven’t already seen it.  Donna Jordan owns a quilt shop and produces a lot of tutorials posted on YouTube that let you see the whole process of making a quilting project from start to finish, in a video lasting about 20 minutes.  Oh, if it were only true one could cut, piece, assemble, quilt and bind a project in only 20 minutes!  Anyway, in the beginning of this video she talks about how people make their choices when approaching a new quilting project:  very interesting perspective and outcome.  Take a look and see what you think.  Happy Sewing!