“Shopping in the Closet”

After sewing almost exclusively for charity, family and friends for the last year, I find myself in the unfamiliar position of having time to sew for myself!  I will be going back to work outside the home in October and I don’t think my comfy home bound wardrobe will do 🙂  I talked about my sewing room closet a couple weeks ago and thought, since I was moving everything from in front of it today, you would like to see what’s going on in there!  The closet holds my materials that have been in my sewing queue the longest.  This is the storage place for the fall and winter fabrics for garments and home décor, storing a lot of material for coats and jackets as well as the majority of my woolens and fleece.  Today I was looking for materials for an outfit I would like to color block with navy, greys and blues as the focus of the hunt.  A tool I have used for years to make sure the fabrics I put together actually do coordinate is an Ott light.  If you don’t know what and Ott light is, it is a light that gives you a true light on your fabric without coloring that fabric with the different colors that other light bulbs can emit.  For example, did you know that whites, blacks and navy blues tend to have varying degrees of purple in them?  The Ott light shows this clearly, making choosing a matching or coordinating fabric so much easier than using a regular light bulb.  The fabric stores generally have fluorescent lighting which makes choosing coordinating fabrics more difficult, so having the lights at home ensures that the pants I make will coordinate with the top I make.  I hope you have time to start a special project this week.  Happy Sewing! 

By the way, at the end of the pictures today, you will find a couple pictures of the pink baby bunting I put the zipper in last week, just in case you were interested in seeing the finished product.  Happy Sewing!

Getting into the sewing room closet is not a two minute activity! This is what the closet looks like most days, with a large assortment of stored items in front of it.
Once I move everything to the center of the room….
….I can access the sewing room closet!
The top of the closet is stacked to the ceiling with woolens, knits, sweatshirt materials and fleece.
The bottom of the closet holds remnants of past projects as well as materials for more coats and suits. What can’t be seen are the shelving units and trunks that are also inside the closet holding even more goodies! Can you tell, over the years, I have enjoyed my trips to the fabric store???
The view when looking to the right…
…and the view looking to the left.
This is the material I decided upon today. Navy blue pants with a navy and floral color blocked top.
Once my shopping trip was over, everything went back into place. Did you notice the blue and pink striped fabric on top of the storage box of serger thread? Yep, that will be a new blouse next week!
My favorite Ott light is attached to my sewing table. It’s small and lets me put my fabric underneath it for close up inspections.
My other Ott lights are floor lights and table top lights. I find that these lights not only help me with color identification, but are great lights to help reduce my eye strain while sewing.

As promised, here are the pictures of the finished baby bunting from last week’s blog.

The finished product. The bunting is made of fleece. The flange and neck binding is left over from the Winnie-the-Pooh changing pad cover and hooded towel I made for the same baby about a month ago, before her arrival.
Though the embroidery design is not an official Winnie-the-Pooh design, I thought it looked like an adventure Pooh would enjoy!