“Creative Shaping”

I have mentioned, many times, the fun of exploring the different features of your machine.  You paid for the features your machine has, so it’s my opinion, they should be used whenever possible.  If you purchased an embroidery machine that is top of the line or close to it, you probably have two features in the embroidery mode that sound as if they are very much alike:  Shape Creator (Pfaff)/Design Shaping (Husqvarna Viking) and Applique Creator (Pfaff)/Design Applique (Husqvarna Viking).  Actually, the two features are quite different. The applique feature on both machines allows you to create a traditional fabric applique for your project from a library of different shapes that can be varied in size and accomplished in the hoop.  The Shape Creator/Design Shaping feature may not be as instantly familiar, but is a feature that holds almost unlimited uses for original embroidery projects.  The ability of Shape Creator/Design Shaping, when embroidery machines were in their formative years, was only able to be accomplished by using powerful embroidery software.  Lately, that creative ability has been added to the machine itself.  Depending on your machine, you can choose one design and, through shape manipulation, create a whole new design in a matter of minutes.  Take a look at the following pictures for a brief outline and, if you’d like to learn more, click on the Sewing Mastery links to see a more detailed tutorial (the tutorials I chose to link to here are for the Epic 2 by Husqvarna Viking and the Creative Icon by Pfaff).  While on Sewing Mastery, see if your machine is listed and see if your machine has this fun feature. 

On my Pfaff Creative Icon, the Shape Creator feature is found in the lower toolbar while in Embroidery Mode.
Once Shape Creator is open, the shapes for this feature can be found with this icon.
For this example I chose the circle that will place the designs on the outside of the circle going in a clockwise direction.
This is the circle my chosen embroidery design will be added to. Please remember that these shapes are usually quite large, so you may want to edit their size.
When you are editing the size of the chosen shape, somewhere on your display you will find the size numbers. The numbers here mean my design will be about 5″x5″.
For this example, I am using this mini design built into the machine. You can also use a design you purchased or even a machine stitch from the sewing side. This is a very versatile feature!
Once I load the design, you may think “well that’s not very impressive!” But just wait….now I can start to add to and edit the design. Okay, the technical term for that is Play!
Since I am creating this example to be a frame for a monogram, I increased the number of designs I used to fill up the circle…..
…and then I changed how they were positioned on the circle (the designs are no longer standing up; they are lying on their side).
Now the circle of designs more closely resembles a vine. Time for the monogram in the center!
I now get out of Shape Creator and go back to Embroidery Edit. Time for the lettering.
I centered the letter and did a final check to make sure all was the way I wanted. I could have stitched out the design immediately but I chose to save it to the cloud for use later. The most challenging part of the process is choosing which design to use!

If you would like to learn more about this fun and rich feature, go on over to Sewing Mastery and watch the excellent tutorial on either Shape Creator (page 5, video #112) or Design Shaping (page 4, video #97). Happy Sewing!