“Take the Time”

Choosing to invest in a hoop driven embroidery machine is an exciting decision.  The embroideries are beautiful and can enhance any item you choose to embroider.  All the different hoop sizes can get the creative juices flowing as you decide which designs to add to which projects.  As embroiderers, we can sometimes get so excited about adding an embroidery design to a project that we don’t always take the time to set ourselves up for the most success.  I own machines from several different manufacturers and each of them handle hooping fabric in a slightly different way.  Some count on you purchasing an after-market help to keep the fabric firmly in the hoop, but Husqvarna Viking/Pfaff gives you a tool that works very well as included equipment with most machines:  hoop clips.  (If they did not come with your embroidery machine, you can order them from Bonny and Frank.  They are not very expensive).  These hoop clips fit into the slots on the larger hoops and help the hoop to squeeze the fabric/stabilizer and hold it firmly between the inner and outer hoop.  Because of the stress that is put on the fabric by the needle entering and exiting it, the bigger the embroidery area, the more the need for using the clips.  Not using them can cause your top thread to break more often due to the “flagging” of the fabric up and down as it is being stitched and can lead to the fabric becoming slack in the hoop if your stitch count is rather high.  Not using the clips can also allow your fabric to move enough in the hoop that if you are trying to match registration stitches, say with the turntable hoop, it can significantly affect your ability to match those stitches.  It only takes a moment to install the hoop clips on your larger hoops, so remember to take the time to use them on any hoop that has the slots for them.  By the way, if your project requires a specialty hoop, such as the Mega Endless hoop, clips cannot be used since there are no clip slots on the hoop.  In this case you will want to use the Hoop Grip that came with the hoop.  This is a non-woven tacky type of material that fits into the hoop and will grip the fabric/stabilizer and keep it firmly in place as you stitch.  It is especially helpful when stitching free standing lace on water soluble stabilizer! 

This is the package of hoop clips that came with my machine. In my experience, this package contains more than enough clips for any one hoop.
This is the standard 120x120mm hoop. It is small enough that hoops clips are not needed. There are no slots around the edges for the clips.
The 260x200mm hoop is large enough to need the clips; thus the slots around the edges.
The clips have a lip on the side that faces the inside of the hoop’s embroidery area.
When the clip is inserted into the slot, the clip’s lip faces the inside of the hoop. The clip is securing the inside and outside hoop together.
The clips are very easy to insert and remove. Hold them from the top and push down gently to insert, pull straight up to remove. If they are not going into the slots easily, you may have them turned backwards!
Place a clip into each of the slots around the hoop. This gives a nice secure grip all the way around the hoop.
The two hoops side by side. Remember to put a clip into every slot on the big hoop for the most effective hold!
This is the Hoop Grip for my Mega Endless Hoop. The Mega Endless Hoop is large enough to need this extra help when your project fabric is very thin or if you are stitching out free standing lace on water soluble stabilizer.
This is the Hoop Grip attached to the Mega Endless Hoop. It is secured to the top part of the hoop and lifts when the hoop opens so the fabric underneath can easily slide to its next position, then get gripped firmly again when the hoop closes.

Happy Sewing!