“Straight Along the Very Edge”

At some point, almost every sewer will need to add some top stitching to a project.  As a garment sewer, I use top stitching all the time, but I also use top stitching in my quilting and home décor projects.  Even though I use the technique often, I cannot top stitch in a perfectly straight line without the help of some terrific presser feet for my machines.  Since I am a “just in case” buyer, I have all these feet.  If you do not have any of these feet, you may want to start out with just one or two, choosing the foot that best suits the needs of your current project.  With a combination of the correct presser foot and your adjustable needle position, you will be top stitching, maybe even in a contrast color, straight as an arrow and right along the edge of your seam, to your delight.  You also may want to give the blind hem foot that came with your machine a try as a top stitching foot.  It does a great job of allowing you to stitch in a perfectly straight line with a simple adjustment of your needle position! Happy Sewing!

Husqvarna Viking’s Edge Joining Foot works great when you want to stitch very close to the edge! It also joins two fabrics together with a narrow zig zag as in heirloom sewing.
If you have one of the newer Husqvarna Viking machines with the IDF feature, this is the foot you would choose. Same as the foot above, it is used with the IDF feature.
The Husqvarna Viking Edge Stitching foot works best for me when I want to stitch a bit further from the edge of the fabric. It also makes great tucks!
Again, if you own one of the Husqvarna Viking machines that has the IDF feature, this is the Edge Stitching foot you would choose.
I find the Husqvarna Viking Left Edge foot very helpful when I need to top stitch something on the right side of my foot. The left edge foot runs along the left edge of the seam allowing a precise top stitch along a side of the foot we usually don’t use for this technique. This is a great foot for hemming drapery!
The Pfaff Narrow Edge Foot works the same as the Husqvarna Edge joining foot. This is great to use for very narrow top stitching. The middle guide lets you get very close to the fabric’s edge. Of course it joins fabric really well, too!
Pfaff’s Bi-Level foot allows the edge of the fabric to run along the left of the foot. Great for varying widths of top stitching off the right side of the foot. Needle position is adjusted to the positive numbers. This is Pfaff’s foot for hemming drapery!
Last but not least is the Pfaff Right-Edge Bi-Level Foot. It allows you to top stitch close to the edge, as do all the feet, but it allows your fabric to run to the left of the needle. This is especially helpful with top stitching things like cuffs, where the sleeve cuff opening needs to be sewn using the free arm of the machine.

Just for fun, you may want to check out this video on a new piecing technique. It’s always fun to learn something new!