“It All Started with a Fledgling”

Just like many of you, I have sewn for charity for a number of years.  I have sewn for all types of charities, but all of them have been people-oriented charities.  About a week or two ago, while I was sewing walker bags for the local rehab center, my husband went outside to sweep away the cicada shells from the front steps when he ran across a baby bird on the ground.  The bird seemed glued to its spot in the lawn and was so mournfully calling that my husband came in to tell me about it.  We have had birds for years nesting under our deck and we have put more babies back in their nest than I can count, but this was different.  This wasn’t a helpless little bald bird:  it looked older.  After listening to it calling for about an hour, I gave in and called the non-emergency animal police number.  I talked to them and they said it was probably a fledgling and to keep an eye on it and call back if I was still concerned; which I did three more times that day.  If this bird was learning to fly, I wanted it to learn a little faster!  After 8 hours of calling for its mom, I was so worried I could barely stand it.  That was when I was directed to the Wildlife Rescue League for Fairfax County, an all-volunteer group that looks after our wildlife year round.  They were so kind and were so informative that, even though the bird continued to call for its mother for the next two days, I did not go to help.  I found out that would be the worst thing I could do.  Who knew?  When the next two fledglings showed up in our yard, I knew exactly what to do and all three birds are now happily flying over our heads when we are outside.  I decided if I could do something to support this group, I wanted to help.  I went to the website and, what do you know?  They have a need for people who know how to sew, knit and crochet.  I’m in!  I thought you too, might like to help in an area where we usually may not think of to help.  If you already help this type of group, thank you so much!  If you think you might like to add your talents to their list of needs, here are the links.  I see this as a way to help this important group of volunteers and our local wildlife while using up some of my fabrics that have long ago gone out of style or just need to be used instead of sitting in a bin or in my closet.  It’s a win-win and I’ll be starting my projects tomorrow!  Good luck on all your projects this week and Happy Sewing!

Wildlife Rescue League

Crafting for Wildlife

The fledgling that started it all. I think all the cicada shells around it just made it look that much more desperate!