“A Stable Decision”

Have you ever stitched out a beautiful decorative stitch or embroidery design on a project only to have it pucker the fabric?  Just about every stitch that is complex needs some type of stabilizing, be it spray sizing, starch, Best Press or a separate cut of stabilizer.  This applies to decorative sewing stitches, complex stitches on sheer fabrics, machine embroidery or free motion embroidery.  There are many stabilizers on the market for a large variety of applications, but a little information will help you navigate this sea of options and get you the product that is best for your project.  There are several broad categories of stabilizers, each containing several products of differing weights and types from which to choose.  These stabilizer categories include:  paint on, fusible, tacky, tear away, cut away, heat soluble and water soluble.  Regardless of who sells the stabilizer, these categories are universal.  Once you find the products you like to use, you will gain confidence in expanding your stabilizer stash.  Take a moment to view these videos from the John Deer Embroidery Legacy Series and from Heirloom Creations Sara Snuggerud. I think you might be surprised at some of their information which I hope, might be helpful to you in making the best choice for your next project.  Happy Sewing!