“Ruler Work Without the Ruler?”

This month is National Sewing Month, which got me thinking about new ways to use some of my favorite accessories.  Some years ago I purchased the Husqvarna Viking Circular Attachment to help me stitch accurate circle appliques for a project I was working on.  It did a great job and the gift was well received, but I must admit, I have not used the accessory much lately.  On Facebook, there are a number of videos showing how to use the attachment to make, not only circles, but a four and six petal flower, usually as an applique.  As I am planning my fall quilting projects, I’ve decided to explore more of the quilting itself rather than have all the attention on the embroidery, applique or the piecing and this provides a perfect format for that.  So… the question becomes, “What if I used the flower template from the circular attachment to simulate ruler work?”  This is how I answered that question.

This is the Circular Attachment. This baby can do so much more than just make circles!
The attachment comes with three templates, an instructional DVD and the tool that attaches to your machine.
For this demonstration, I used the four petal flower template and watched the DVD again, just to make sure I remembered how to mark the fabric.
The other materials I needed were some fabric, batting and some temporary fabric adhesive: in this case, KK2000.
After spraying my batting with the KK2000 and smoothing it on the back of the material, I marked the flower size I wanted, according to the directions. I wanted a 5″ finished block so I used a 4″ flower (10 cm).
In order to use this accessory, your machine’s needle plate must have these holes next to the feed teeth.
If the prongs are inserted into the holes correctly, the attachment will lie flat on the needle plate.
Once secured to my machine, I set the circular attachment for the size I wanted for the flower: about 4″ or 10 cm.
I’m almost done! Remember to choose a stitch that does not have a lot of backwards motion. The stitch I used is the triple straight stitch.
As you start each new “petal”, remember to press the stitch re-start button, especially if you are using a stitch with a specific design.
Here’s the finished product ready to get squared up!
I lined up my flower to the center and to the 45 degree lines on my ruler for a straight flower in my block.
Ta-da! Ruler work without the ruler!

Now, for this demonstration, I used only one block that was not attached to anything else.  My plan is to piece the project first, leaving 5” plain blocks where the four petal flower stitching will go. (I could even do some free motion quilting inside or outside the flower for a very different effect!)  Once the blocks are pieced and the quilt sandwich is basted, I can use the circular attachment to create the four petal flowers in random blocks, filling other blocks with other quilting stitches; either free motion or embroidery.  Maybe you’d like to give this new quilting option a try.  Accessories for both Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff are on sale for 20% off during the month of September!  Happy Sewing!

Husqvarna Viking Circular Attachment (page 38)

Pfaff Circular Attachment (page 32)