“It’s the Little Things…”

Now that machines have hoop driven embroidery, the built in stitches that come on our machines, which used to be considered “embroidery”, are now known as decorative stitches.  Whatever you call them, even though they are not, for the most part, as big as hoop driven embroidery designs, they can still make a very big impact on a project.  Brother, Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff all have the ability to sew these decorative stitches as borders, and if you use the programming/sequencing feature on these machines you can create your own patterns, but don’t forget the impact that can be made by using just one decorative stitch placed at just the right spot!  All three of these machines can produce a one-at-a-time striking decorative stitch; they just go about it in different ways.

My Brother and my Pfaff machine have an icon that allows me to isolate just one decorative stitch out of a border and use it as a stand-alone accent.  My Husqvarna Viking goes about the same task a little differently.  Let me show you…

Let’s say I’d like to add just one of these creepy little spiders from my Pfaff onto a project. First, I load the design by selecting it.
Once I have selected the stitch, I touch the Stitch Repeat icon.
Once that icon opens, I choose the Single Stitch Program.
The program then asks me how many spiders I would like to sew. I’ve decided one is more than enough for me!
There he is! One creepy little critter I can sew out one-at-a-time to give my project a little taste of Halloween.
I especially like this technique when sewing maxi stitch accents.
Here I’ve chosen a leaf, then the Stitch Repeat and then the Single Stitch Program.
Once there is just one leaf, don’t forget you can make changes to that leaf with mirror image (up/down and left/right)
These changes can be found in the Stitch Edit.
Choosing the mirroring option allows you to get some great accents, just the way you want them.
I chose the mirror up/down and turned the leaf right side up.
On my Brother machine, once I have chosen the Character Decorative Stitch and have chosen the stitch I want…
…I need to isolate just one of these roses from the border of roses.
In the stitch edit options, I chose the Single Design icon. The three stars in the icon give you the border design and the one star gives you the one design on its own.
Once I have the one rose out of the border…
…I can choose the mirroring icons to mirror in one or both ways the machine allows.
The rose with both mirroring options used.
On my Husqvarna Viking machine, if I want to use just one leaf out of the border, I need to get into Programming mode.
By entering Programming, I can select the leaf and I will only get one.
Once I have the one leaf, I can use the mirroring options to make the changes I want.
I chose to use both mirroring options and …
…this is my result.
Remember to add a Fix and a Stop before you touch “OK” to stitch out your one design on your Husqvarna Viking machine. If you forget this step, you will end up with an endless border of leaves! Yikes!

I hope this gives you something to consider for your next project, big or small.  Remember, it’s the little things that sometimes make the biggest difference! Happy Sewing!