“Patchwork Program”

For many years now, Pfaff sewing machines have had a wonderful feature called the “Patchwork Program”.  Some of you who own a Pfaff may have purchased it because you were shown this feature and knew immediately how valuable it would be to a sewer who enjoys piecing quilt tops.  It works much the same way as creating a sequence, just with fewer steps.  Husqvarna Viking machines have traditionally not had this feature.  In order to emulate this on an HV machine, you need to go through multiple steps.  We’ll talk about that next week.  If you are a Pfaff owner, follow the pictures below to create your own patchwork program.  You may find this Sewing Mastery Video helpful if you are new to this feature.  Upon arriving at the URL, go to page 3, video #53.  Once you get the hang of using this feature, you will find so many instances where it comes in handy!  Your next piecing project will be done in a snap. 

For this explanation, I have marked a four inch square. The patchwork program will be used for my vertical lines, simulating putting blocks together for piecing a quilt top.
After choosing a straight stitch, choose Stitch Repeat.
Once Stitch Repeat is chosen, choose Patchwork Program.
The symbol at the top of the display screen means the Reverse button must be pushed to end the program.
Once you have sewn the length you wish to repeat, press the Reverse button once.
Start at the top of your first block and sew slowly and accurately until you get to the bottom of the piece.
When you get to the exact spot where you want the stitching to stop…
…press the Reverse button once.
Once you touch the Reverse button, you will notice the screen has changed from the Patchwork Program to the Single Stitch Program. This is because the machine now treats the newly created program as one stitch that will repeat over and over, once each time you start to sew.
As long as you start in the same place each time, you will end in the same place. This allows you to fly through your piecing. You may use your foot pedal or the stop/start feature for this sewing. If you are using the stop/start feature, you may want to slow the machine for your own comfort. You also may want to use the needle down feature to match your pieces as they go through the presser foot.

If you think you would like to use this same Patchwork Program for future or continuing projects, you may save it into your machine’s memory! This allows you to turn your machine off and still have the exact program to use the next time you turn on the machine. Happy Sewing!