“More Space”

Each of us has purchased our machine for our own reasons; taking into account what projects we hope to work on most.  Every machine sold by Bonny and Frank comes with an accessory tray that can be removed to expose a free arm, making sewing small round areas, such as sleeves, a little easier.  We are all able to sew with the machine the way it comes; with the accessory tray and the free arm, but we may want to add something else that can give us more sewing space.  A way to extend the area around the needle is very important to almost every type of sewing I know.  Having the ability to support your project’s fabric so it does not pull or distort as it leaves the needle gives a much more professional look to the finished project.  I have three different types of extensions that I use on my machines.  If you have not used an extension before, I hope this helps you decide if this optional purchase may be just what you need to give your sewing that extra bit of ease, enjoyment and professional appearance.

The three types of extensions available as an aftermarket purchase are the extension table made by the machine company, an extension table made by a third party or a sewing machine cabinet.  Over the years, I happen to have acquired one of each of these (says the “just in case” instead of the “just in time” buyer!), so let’s give you something to think about if you have none.

My Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond Royale with it’s included accessory tray.
My Pfaff Creative Icon with its included accessory tray.
The Designer Diamond with the accessory tray removed and…
…the Icon with its tray removed.
I use the Icon with an extension table made by Pfaff for this machine.
This extension table gives me approximately 7.5″ more space to the left of the needle and…
…about 12″ more space front to back.
For my Designer Diamond Royale, I have a Sew Steady extension table.
This third party table is ordered and made for your specific machine model. It gives me about 11.25″ more space to the left of the needle and…
…about 17.5″ more space front to back.
Both of these extension tables attach around the free arm of the machine and have adjustable legs that allow you to level the extension table. I find both of them to be very sturdy while sewing. The great thing about these tables is they are able to move with the machine should you need to take your machine out of your sewing space.
My oldest machine has its own cabinet. Not very portable, but a great space for larger projects. If you can get a sewing cabinet with a quilter’s extension for the back….well, now you’re speaking my language!!

Happy Sewing!