“HV Patchwork Program”

In last week’s blog I talked about the Pfaff Patchwork Program and promised this week I would show all you Husqvarna Viking owners how, you too, can create your own patchwork program.  It’s easy.  It just takes a few more steps and a little more trial and error. 

First of all, start to think of your programming capabilities outside the box of just decorative stitches and lettering.  You have the ability to save any stitch, be it in a longer program or in a program of one stitch.  For example, if you manage to create the perfect blanket stitch in length and width for your project, save it into your machine’s memory so you can recall it time and time again.  This is what you will do for your patchwork program.  You will create a program made up of straight stitches, the exact length you need for the piecing you are doing and you will save it so it can be accurately repeated any time you want to use it.

Before doing anything, remember to set your Sewing Advisor!

You will need to decide what straight stitch length you wish to use for your piecing project.  I tend to use a 2.0 stitch length because it’s tight enough to hold my pieces together but long enough to remove easily should I need to.  I also tend to use the needle in the center position and create my ¼” or scant ¼” seam using my piecing foot.  If you would like to use your needle in another position, a little to the left or right of center, make sure you start your program with that stitch placement.  All other stitches in your program will follow suit if you use a duplication feature.

Find the PROG on your machine to open the programming feature.

Open your programming feature.  If you cannot remember how to do that on your machine, check your owner’s manual.  Most machines will have it on the front function buttons, as in the entry level machines in the line like the Jade 35, under the “gem” in the machines such as the Topaz 50, etc. and on the screen on the more top of the line machines.  All the Husqvarna Vikings tend to use the PROG abbreviation.  Once your program is open you will need to enter one straight stitch, using the stitch length and needle placement you want to use.  If your machine has a Duplicate option, this is a great time to use it.  You will need to enter the number of stitches needed for your machine to span the distance your piecing requires you to sew.  These estimations may help with how many stitches to add to your program:

1 mm stitch length = 24 stitches per inch

2 mm stitch length = 13 stitches per inch

3 mm stitch length = 9 stitches per inch

4 mm stitch length = 6 stitches per inch

5 mm stitch length = 5 stitches per inch

6 mm stitch length = 4 stitches per inch

Once in PROG I selected the center needle straight stitch…
…and chose a 2.0mm stitch length.

My piecing is going to span 4” using a 2.0 mm stitch length.  I multiply 13 x 4 to get a total of 52 stitches.  This is where I start to experiment.  I program in 52 stitches and use a Stop at the end of the program.  I now have to stitch out the program I just created and see if it’s perfect.  If it is, I save it.  If it’s not, I make the adjustments needed and test it again.  As it turned out, I only needed 42 stitches to create the same length program as I did last week on my Pfaff.  Once happy with the program, I save it to my machine and, viola!  I now have my own patchwork program I can use any time I am piecing 4” blocks!  Each time I stitch out the program it will stitch 4” and then stop.  I make sure to use the needle down option so when I’m finished sewing each block it’s easy to align each new block in my piecing and I’m golden.  By the way, this programming technique also works on a Brother machine, like the Dream Machine, Luminaire, etc. 

If your duplication icon has a triangle or dot next to it, long touch for more options.
The long touch gives me this keypad to enter in the number of duplicates I want.
Don’t forget to add the Stop to your program or you’ll be sewing endless 2.0 stitches! Yikes!
With my Stop confirmed on the screen, I’m ready to start stitching out my program.
With the accuracy of my program confirmed in my test stitch out, I’m ready to save the program to my machine.
The “Save” feature takes me to the menu where my programs are stored. I touch the first empty slot and…
…my program is saved so I can access it over and over again!
On the left is the Patchwork Program I created last week on my Pfaff and on the right is the program I created this week on my Husqvarna Viking. Identical!

Happy Sewing!