“Starting Over”

There are so many really great features on modern sewing machines that it’s sometimes hard to remember to use them all.  For me, the stitch re-start feature is one of the most useful.  When I was teaching the “Sewing Machine Basics” course, I would always make a point of making sure customers knew where to find this since I myself, use it so much.  This is a feature that has been on Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff machines for a very long time, so if you have an older machine, the feature might be on your machine’s model.  Each machine is a bit different, but check your owner’s manual for the symbol and see if your machine has it. Essentially, this feature allows you to re-start a decorative stitch or a sequence of stitches, so you can precisely line up these stitches however your project demands.  I use it when creating rows of stitches that I want to line up or match.  I also use it when I want to make sure my stitch is starting at the very beginning of the stitch after I have been sewing said stitch and want to start it again.  I have done this, for example, when using the machine’s stippling stitch on a quilt.  As I have come to the end of a row of stippling stitches, I have used the stitch re-start feature to begin the stitch exactly the same way I did on my first pass of stitches.  This way, everything lines up and looks more professional and less like “bless your heart, you made this yourself, didn’t you?”  See if you have this feature and think about how you might use this to your best advantage.  Happy Sewing!

This is the stitch re-start symbol. On my Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond Royale, it’s on the front of the machine. Other HV machines have it as an icon in the information section of their display screen.
My Pfaff Creative Icon has the stitch re-start button on the front, too.
My Brother Luminaire has the same re-start feature. It just has a different looking icon.
I use this stitch re-start feature with programed stitches. In this example, I created a program using two stitches: #2 and ….
…and #15.
I put these two stitches together and …
…repeated them using the mirror image feature.
I added no “stops” to the program, so it stitched out as a border. My goal with this program would be to create embroidered fabric with matched rows of stitching.
For precision sewing I draw lines to follow, using erasable markers. I line up the line on the fabric with the middle marking on the presser foot. This is on my Pfaff.
This is on my Husqvarna Viking. Start the design in the same place at the top line each time the stitch re-start is used.
By now you can see that the different stitch sequences are lining up with each other perfectly.
Remember, once a programed series of stitches is loaded into the sewing mode, the mirror image feature can be used and the entire program will be mirrored. Cool!
The mirror image starts the program in a different spot. The stitch re-start will recognize this and reproduce the new start point time after time, as long as the program remains mirrored.
The two rows on the left were stitched on my Pfaff and the other three were stitched on my Huqvarna Viking. Remember not to over guide the fabric: let the machine do all the work so the designs will line up correctly, having been fed through the machine at the same pace each stitch out.