“Four Directions”

Machine sewers are used to stitches that move forward and backward as well as side to side, as in a zig-zag stitch.  Just about every sewing machine can do these directional stitches.  As you move up the line in the Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff machines, the ability to go in even more directions becomes an option.  On both my HV Designer Diamond Royale and my Pfaff Creative Icon, there is a stitch menu that allows the machine to sew in four directions: forward, backward, left and right, without pivoting the material.  Each machine gives a number of stitch options for this feature, but I have chosen the satin stitch for this explanation since I felt it was easiest to see in the photos.  If your machine has this feature, there is probably one of two ways to make this stitch work.  If your machine is like my Designer Diamond Royale, there is an icon at the bottom of the display screen that, when pressed, changes the stitch direction without you having to change the orientation of the fabric in the machine.  Keep the fabric still and the machine will stitch a square for you.  You just need to decide how big that square will be.  My Pfaff Creative Icon does not use an icon on the screen to press but uses the reverse button on the front of the machine.  Each time the reverse button is pushed once and released the stitch changes direction.   This feature allows you to sew in awkward areas where moving the base fabric would be difficult; say sewing a patch on the top of a sleeve.  I use this feature most often when sewing the handles onto the walker bags I make for my local rehabilitation center.  I’m able to insert the bag into the machine and sew on the handles without having to turn the bag.  This is not only more convenient, but is also much faster that pivoting the fabric.  I just choose the straight stitch for this operation and I can go through 20 bags in no time!  If your machine has this feature and you have not tried it, give it a try and see what you think.  Happy Sewing!

On my Pfaff Creative Icon, the four direction stitches are found in menu 9.2. There are 9 stitches to choose from.
I chose stitch #5 and loaded it onto the screen.
The screen shows me the stitch will first go to the right of the presser foot.
This icon tells me I must press the reverse button to change the stitch direction.
The reverse button is found on the front of my machine.
The stitch starts off going to the right…
…then forward, towards me.
Next the stitch goes to the left of the foot…
…and then backwards. Remember, you do not hold down the reverse button, but simply press it once to change stitch direction.
On my Designer Diamond Royale, the four way stitches are in the S menu.
The machine offers 17 stitch options. I chose #5, the satin stitch.
This icon at the bottom of the screen changes the stitch direction.
The stitch starts off going to the right of the foot, just like my Pfaff.
Touching the direction icon once sends the stitches forward, towards me.
Touching the icon again sends the stitches to the left…
…and one more touch takes the stitches backwards.