“Creating Stitches”

Many of you who own a Pfaff or a top of the line Brother have a feature called “Stitch Creator” (Pfaff) or “My Custom Stitch” (Brother).  For most customers, this is probably one of the most intimidating features on the machine, but if you take some time to play with it, I think you will find it one of your favorite features.  On both machines, you are able to create your own decorative stitch which you can stitch out and/or save and use as part of a larger sequence.  This is perfect for those of you who have an artistic propensity and can picture a stitch in your head.  It is a simple plotting program for the machine, placing stitches on an X and Y axis.  Make the stitches small enough and you will even be able to create the look of curves!  For those of us who are more technician than artist (that’s me!) you can also use this feature to edit existing stitches on the machine and make them unique to your project.  Again, once the stitch is changed you may stitch it out or save it to use again and again.  The Pfaff machines allow you to put any stitch into “Stitch Creator” except buttonholes and those stitches that are over 9mm in width.  The Brother machines allow you to edit selected stitches which you will see once you are in the “My Custom Stitch” feature.  Whether you want to create a whole new stitch or edit an existing one, grab your manual and give this feature a try!

On my Creative Icon I enter the feature by choosing Stitch Creator. On other machine models, this may be a button or icon near the Sequence Creator, the feature I talked about in last week’s blog.
This is the decorative stitch I have chosen to edit.
I decided to remove the stitches that make up the middle pattern. I followed the directions on the screen and in my manual and….
…this is how it looks with the middle stitches removed. Once I am ready to sew the pattern…
…I press “OK” and the machine moves the stitches to the sewing mode, ready for me to stitch out.
On my Brother Luminaire, I enter the feature by pressing this icon.
Once in the “My Custom Stitch” feature, choose the decorative stitches the machine will allow you to edit.
I chose to use a stitch from the second category of choices.
I chose this stitch and, once again, decided to edit out the middle section.
This is how the stitch looked before editing.
By following the on screen icons and the directions in my owner’s manual, I removed the zig-zag stitches in the center of the decorative stitch.
This is my new edited stitch.

The above pictures give you just a cursory glimpse of this great feature.  Both machines give options such as mirror imaging and even triple stitches rather than just a single stitch. This video may help those of you who own Pfaff machines.  Though it is made to explain the Creative 3.0, the feature works the same on any machine that has it.  I did not find a video to help the Brother owners, but you may find that the above video may help you too, it just shows different icons than on your machine. Happy Sewing!