“Display Screen Calibration”

If you own a Husqvarna Viking or Pfaff machine with an interactive display screen that uses a stylus, you may find that the screen can become a little less responsive over time.  This may just mean it is losing its calibration.  You will usually find it easy to tell if you are having an issue with calibration by the way the machine is responding to the touch of your stylus.  For example, when you touch the display screen with the stylus, the machine does not answer the command or when you touch something in one place on the screen, something unexpected happens on another part of the screen.   Before you assume you need to take your machine in for repair, try calibrating the machine yourself.  If it’s been awhile since you took your “Sewing Machine Basics” class, you may want to grab your owner’s manual to remember how to get into your Settings Menu.  It’s usually an icon that looks like some tools or gears on the Pfaffs and is usually found on the Husqvarna Vikings with a tool icon found after touching your machine’s “gem” (the Sapphire, Topaz, Ruby or Diamond).  Once you are into the Settings Menu, go to the Screen Settings or the Machine Settings page, depending on your machine.  This page usually allows you to change the lighting settings, the screen saver and the lock screen features of your machine, among other options.  On that page you will find the “Touch Screen Adjust” or the “Screen Calibration” area.  Once you choose this area, you will be given a screen that has crosses on it (usually three to five, depending upon the machine).  Touch each cross, in the center with your stylus, just the way you plan to touch your display screen.  This gives the machine the chance to learn how you use the stylus and will help the machine interpret your touch.  Once you have completed touching all the crosses, you should be able to use the display screen with no other issues. 

My Designer Diamond Royale uses a stylus to interact with the display screen.
Since my machine is part of the “gem” series of machines, I need to touch the diamond to access the Settings Menu.
Once I touch the diamond, the Settings Menu icon appears.
In my Settings Menu, I find the calibration ability on the last page, the Screen and Light Settings page.
Once I touch the “Touch Screen Adjust”…..
…the machine begins the calibration process. Make sure you touch each cross in the center.
The calibration usually ends with a cross in the center of your display screen.
Once you have finished the calibration, you are good to go, so touch “OK” on the Husqvarna Vikings or the “green check mark” on the Pfaffs to exit the Setting Menu and continue your project.

I usually do this, even if I’m not having any issues, about twice a year.  It helps the machine stay calibrated and saves me the frustration of a machine that doesn’t respond to my input!  I hope you find this tip helpful.  Happy sewing!