“Weighted Options”

During the holidays, I spent quite a bit of time in the dentist’s chair having work done.  I love my dentist, but it’s not my favorite place to spend the afternoon.  While I was in one of my marathon sessions, I noticed how much better I felt when I had to wear the large x-ray shield draped over my torso.  I told my dentist about this and asked if he had ever used a weighted blanket with his patients.  Since he did not have one, I offered to make him one to try.  Had I ever made one before?  Of course not, but that wasn’t going to stop me!  I did my research and found you could buy a ready made blanket insert in varying weights (Bonny carries these inserts).  Since my dentist requested a blanket weight for adults (8 – 12% of a person’s body weight) in a size that would only cover the torso, I settled on twelve pounds total, using two six pound inserts.

These inserts come in various weights and sizes. This was the size blanket I needed, so I used two inserts.

I pinned the two inserts together and hand stitched them, since they were too heavy to run through the machine.

Stitching together by hand was the only option. The 12 pounds of glass beads did not allow the material to feed through the machine properly.

Next, since this is for a dentist’s office, I felt I needed to cover the insert with a duvet style cover, which I made out of quilter’s cotton, so it could be laundered if needed.  While I was at it, I decided to add my dentist’s office logo in embroidery which I was able to create on my Brother Luminaire using the scanning feature and a promotional magnet from my dentist.

I scanned the shape of the promotional magnet from my dentist’s office into the Design Center on my Brother Luminaire. I added built in lettering and viola!

Once the embroidery was finished and the duvet cover was assembled, I add the ties which connect the weighted insert to the cover.

The finished duvet cover inside out.

The cover’s assembly directions said ribbon could be used for the ties, but I felt that would not hold up, so I made my ties out of muslin cut 1.5” wide by 18” long folded twice to make the ties.

Each of the ties was stitched over a piece of nylon stay tape folded twice to give the connection some added support for the duvet’s cover. I don’t want them to pull out!

Once finished, I had a twelve pound blanket about 36” X 48”.

The finished product….twelve pounds of comfort!

When I was at Bonny’s in Stafford last week, she had a couple books with suggestions for other weighted projects.  I got them to see if I’d like to make a second weighted project, maybe for me this time! Happy New Year!