“That reminds me….”

Today was a day to start wrapping up my holiday sewing:  sewing the finishing touches on those last minute projects before Christmas Eve (yes, I have been known to sew up until the hour before the gift needs to be wrapped and given!)  Since this year I vowed to be done early, I have tried very hard to keep that promise made to myself.  As I was working on the last of the zippered bags (remember those from my January 27th blog?) and the Santa’s Cookies and Milk place mat for the great niece and nephew, I was noticing how many different presser feet I was using while sewing.

I used at least four different presser feet in the making of this “Cookies and Milk” place mat for the 2 and 5 year olds in the family. This is the Changeable Dual Feed foot with the open toe attachment: great for clear visibility during stitch in the ditch binding attachment.
The finished place mat.
The place mat backing and binding proved the perfect place for a fun novelty print.

Using four different presser feet for one project reminded me that Bonny had sent out an email earlier in the week announcing a sale on all accessories and that led me to my blog tonight.  If you haven’t checked out the Husqvarna Viking and the Pfaff Facebook pages lately, you may want to take a peek at the different feet and sewing inspirations they are posting.  The holidays are a great time to get some accessories you may not normally get, so take a look at the following posts and see what you think (especially while Bonny has accessories on sale!).  There are embroidery ideas on each Facebook page that you should check out if you have an embroidery machine, but the techniques on the posting dates I am listing can be done by most sewing machines as long as you have the presser foot.  I hope these posts give you some inspiration as they did me.  I’ll be trying out some of these ideas as soon as the holiday projects are complete.  I am only able to link to the Facebook page itself, not to the individual posts, so please continue to scroll down the page once you get to Facebook.  Happy Sewing!

Husqvarna Viking Facebook posts:

December 6 – Multi-line Decorative Foot and twin needles

December 1 – Plaid effect with decorative stitches

November 29 – attaching cut materials to add texture

November 25 – Straight stitch patterns

Pfaff Facebook posts:

December 5 – Couching foot

November 19 – Pintuck foot and twin needles

November 14 – Creative and Performance Icon Radiant stitches at unusual angles

November 11 – Pintuck foot with Decorative Stitch Guide

October 28 – Ruffler

October 25 – Candlewicking Foot

It turns out five more people will be coming to the Christmas Eve family gift exchange, so I needed to quickly make five more zippered bags. Details on this project can be found in my January 27, 2019 blog entry.
The quilting has been done for each bag and now all that’s left to do is trim the material, add the zipper and sew up the sides. A very fast and fun project.