“A Lesson Used”

For the first time in many years, I am finished with my holiday sewing before the day I need to give the gift!  You laugh, but that’s a big deal as many of you know!  I made a concerted effort this year to sew our gifts without stress by: planning my work, starting early and sticking to the plan.  I saved the simplest projects for last and so this week I embroidered some hand towels purchased from Target to give to my nephew’s family who are avid Disney fans.  I have taught the lesson on how to embroider towels for the last few years while teaching “Embroidery Basics”.  In case you have an embroidery machine and in case you need a last minute gift, this is a review of that lesson.  The only difference between what we did in class and what I did this week is that I embroidered this on my Brother Luminaire that I purchased from Bonny’s this past February rather than on my Husqvarna Viking or my Pfaff.

Step 1:  Use a towel of your choice and find and mark the vertical center of the towel.

You can use any size towel or washcloth for this technique. I used a hand towel.
Mark the vertical center of the towel with a pin. Mark the top and bottom of the towel to get a straight line.

Step 2:  Use a fabric marker to mark the center to help align the design.

I used a yard stick to mark the center between the top and bottom pins. I don’t usually draw a heavy line.
I start my centering marks one inch above the towel’s band.

Step 3:  Measure and mark one inch from the top of the band at the bottom of the towel.

I make as few markings as lightly as I can so I don’t end up with marks that are hard to remove once the embroidery is complete.

Step 4:  Hoop your stabilizer.  For this I used tear away stabilizer for a clean finish on the back once the embroidery was complete.  After aligning the design and towel with the stabilizer in the hoop, attach the hoop to the machine and align the machine with the markings on your towel.  It will be important to make sure the bottom of your design is straight.

Step 5:  Using a film type water soluble topper, baste the topper and towel to the hooped stabilizer using the Basting feature on your machine.    

You can still see your markings through the topper so everything will remain straight.

Step 6:  Embroider the design. 

A design for the 3 year old “Princess” of the family.

Step 7:  Release your towel from the hoop and carefully remove the stabilizer and the topper from the towel, making sure to hold the stitches so they don’t tear from the stress of removing the stabilizer.  Enjoy! 

A special towel for each member of the family!

I hope all your projects turn out just the way you want them to.  I will be taking time away from the blog to enjoy time with family and friends over the holidays, but I will be back in January!  Happy Sewing!