“Without Thread”

Late today I started working on a tunic length vest that uses a striped fabric on the front and a denim fabric on the back.

This is the fabric for the front of the vest. It has designs inside the stripes that I wanted to complement on the back of the vest.

I wanted to add some type of embellishment to the denim back that would complement the fabric on the front of the vest, but I did not want to use something “heavy” looking.   Felting was the answer!  Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff each have a Felting attachment and embroidery designs that allow you to felt in three ways:  Free Standing, Single Layer and Multi-layer. 

This is the same set from Husqvarna Viking

Denim is a great fabric for single layer felting, especially if it has a very white “wrong” side to the fabric.  Felting is done with a special needle with barbs that mesh the threads of the fabric so the embellishment is part of the fabric, not just laying on it.  In the case of my denim, the white of the wrong side comes through to the dark blue of the right side.  I hooped my denim fabric, right side against the machine with no stabilizer, using my 240 x 150 metal hoop.

I wanted the design to be in the center of the vest back starting about 3″ down from the neck seam.
The red marks show where the middle of the finished design will be.

After all was lined up the way I wanted it, I checked everything using the template that comes with the hoop.

The plastic template allows me to place my design exactly where I want it in the hoop.

I loaded the design into the machine and pushed start:  no thread needed!

The design is number 16 from the collection “Embroidery Felting”
Remember, the white on the back of the denim will be coming through to the dark blue front, so I have to felt the fabric from the wrong side.

Would you believe at this point, I am almost done with the design?

Can you see the faint outline of the design? Almost done!

Once the machine had finished, I was ready to remove the hoop and take a look at the design from the right side of the denim.  This is what the design looks like while still in the hoop.

I know! It’s really cool, isn’t it?

This close up shows you the “fuzzy” effect the felting produces, giving a light fluffy look to the design.

This design is the result of the meshing of the front and back of the fabric.

I will include some pictures in next week’s blog to show you the finished product.  In the meantime, you may want to check out this video demonstration of the Felting set. Happy sewing!!