“Using Every Scrap”

This week I started the assembly of one of the Christmas table runners I plan to make:  the one that will be going to Germany.  I’ve told you before that I like table runners because I am able to use up small scraps of batting.  When I say small, I’m talking no bigger than 8” x 8” or smaller.  When I need larger pieces, I use the bridging stitch to put batting pieces together (see my July 2, 2018 blog entry for detailed instructions).  My process here is not “Best Practices” in quilting, but it works for me.  Follow the pictures and see what you think.  There will be a promised picture of the finished market bags from last week at the end of my blog entry.  Happy Sewing!!!

This is where the process begins…. in the scrap bag of batting!
The table runner will have two different blocks: one embroidered and one plain fabric. The embroidered block already has batting, so the plain fabric block needs batting too.
I square up the batting and plain fabric block the same size as the embroidered block: 8.5″ x 8,5″
I sew the embroidered blocks and plain blocks together in an alternating pattern and press the seams open on my point presser. The seams are too bulky to press to the side.
Pressing on the point presser gives the seams a nice, flat press.
Once the seam is pressed open, use more steam and press with the clapper. This really gets your seams flat!
I next cut the border pieces with their batting and sew those to the blocks. I also added a flange to the border seams.
This is now how the back of the table runner looks with all seams sewn and pressed open.
This is how it looks so far. Now it’s time for the backing and quilting!
The top gets pinned to the backing as usual. I’m ready to embroider the quilting designs.
I stitch in the ditch of all of the seams on the runner…..
then quilt the block. The embroidery design is hard to see because I used variegated thread.
This is the design.
I then quilt the borders.
I square everything up, add the binding, and I’m done.

Here are the farmer’s market bags from last week. They have a short handle and a longer shoulder handle plus a zippered pocket on the back of each tote.

Bags from the front….
Bags from the back.