“Hoop Ease”

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase an embroidery capable machine, you begin a journey of creativity and of purchasing a variety of accessories for your machine!  A variety of hoops makes so many more things possible, but sometimes they come with extra parts whose use is not immediately obvious.   One of those extra parts is Hoop Ease.  This is a tacky material that comes with some hoops and is used to add grip to the hoop, especially for thin fabrics or, in the case of free standing lace, non-woven water soluble stabilizer.  These very thin materials are not as easy to embroider as other more traditional materials and challenge the hoop’s grip under the pressure of the needle’s action while creating the design.  In case you have some of this Hoop Ease and weren’t quite sure how to use it, here is an example from my lace making adventure this past week.

This is how the Hoop Ease looks when you first take it out of the package.
Unfold the Hoop Ease completely.
Here I have inserted the Hoop Ease into the hoop.
The tabs have been inserted into their corresponding slots and I’m ready to start my embroidery.
Here is the lace beginning to stitch out. The Hoop Ease keeps the water soluble stabilizer from moving in the hoop allowing the lace to stitch out without any puckering.
Even as the lace grows in length, the Hoop Ease keeps everything in place.
See the small registration stitches at the top of the lace? This is how each section is lined up with the next so the lace appears to have been stitched all at once in a continuous line.

I hope you enjoy sewing whatever you are working on this week!