“Design Choices”

I finished the last of the floor pillows for my niece and her husband and have moved on to designing the table runners I will be making as Christmas gifts.

Yeah! The floor pillows are done! They are each 24″ x 24″ and are a bit overstuffed, to be extra comfy on the floor.

I am basing my designs for the table runners on the fabric I picked out; only one piece of fabric for each table runner.  The piece of material I picked out for each runner is the inspiration fabric and will be joined by other fabrics as the design evolves.

I’ve begun the embroidery for the gingerbread runner….
…and will soon start the embroidery for the snowman runner.

I already shared with you that I was creating my embroidered blocks for the runners and am almost finished with that task, but now I am working on the runners construction design (how the blocks be assembled) and on stitch design (what decorative and/or quilting stitches will I use?).  The two runners I have left to design will use the gingerbread man fabric and the snowman fabric.

Here’s a closer look at the gingerbread fabric.
This is the snowman fabric.

Did you notice that each fabric has a recipe area?  I am considering using those words to go around the border of the runner or make a separate block with those words as the focal point.  What a terrific way to use the programming/sequencing capabilities on your machine! Did you also notice that each fabric has hearts and uses a cross stitch motif?  These are great ideas to use when looking at the decorative stitch options you have on your machine.  I have a picture of my machine’s decorative stitches that I have downloaded from the online owner’s manual which I can take to the store with me.

Taking a picture of the decorative stitches you have on your machine with you while you’re shopping can help spark ideas for the finished product.

I just have to reference the pictures of the stitches I have on my machines and I can get a good idea of what I might want to do, guiding my fabric choices almost as much as the fabric’s color and texture.  I hope you are coming up with some original design ideas using the stitches on your machine for your sewing this week!