“Advanced Techniques”

Every once in a while I like to practice the advanced techniques available on my machine, just to be ready when I want to use them in a project.  For me, the Omnimotion stitches on my Husqvarna Viking machine have always presented an alignment challenge.  They are perfect when I bring them into the Embroidery Mode, but when I want to use them in the Sewing Mode, I always have a tough time keeping the patterns aligned as I sew on the project.  I like to use the optional Multi-line Decorative Foot instead of using the S foot that comes with the machine.

This foot gives me multiple lines off which to guide my stitches.

When using the foot, I first mark the lines I am going to use to keep my stitches lined up.

First, I just put a dot at each place I want to use as a guide line.
Then I draw lines using different colors of the Frixion pens: one color for the outside lines and another color for the middle line. Once the pattern is finished stitching, the ink can be removed with heat from my iron.

Next, I put stabilizer under my fabric and move to the machine.

The blue outside lines line up with the wings of the foot and the red line shows where the center needle position will stitch.

Today I have chosen a curly pattern since I find those to be the most challenging to keep aligned.

These curly stitches move in every direction, making them especially challenging to stitch in a straight line.

As you can see, the pattern starts to leave the lines by the time I get to the second one.  By pattern #3, I am way off!  Now, how to solve the issue.

Looking at my pattern’s drift to the left, it becomes very obvious why I spend time practicing, doesn’t it?!

I started on a new piece of fabric and marked the lines that are a bit closer together on the foot.  I went into my Set Menu and changed the presser foot pressure from the level 6 that was chosen by the machine to the highest setting it would allow; an 8.5.  I then slowed the machine’s speed to the lowest level and stitched the pattern again.  I was much happier with the results.

I am much happier with this! In case it’s too hard for you to see in the photo, I’ve stitched it again……

Since I thought it might be a bit hard to see the second stitching on the blue material, I stitched it again on the pink, to the right of the first stitch out.

The pattern on the right begins and ends exactly on the center red line!

You can now see how the pattern on the right side of the fabric is much straighter than the one on the left, but you may also have noticed something else.  Do you see it?

Did you figure out how my first and second patterns are different?

Because I increased the presser foot pressure by 2.5 levels (from level 6 to level 8.5), the pattern on the right became more compressed.  It’s not as tall as the first stitch out.  If I were going to use this pattern on an actual project, I would take the time stitch it out a few more times while adjusting the presser foot pressure until I was happy with the results.  What will you be  practicing this week?