“Specialty Pressing”

When I started sewing, I had very few pressing accessories.  Now, years later, I have many.  There are two aids that I use frequently and if you do not have them in your collection, you may want to consider adding them.  I’m talking about seam rolls.  Of the two I own, one is made of two different types of fabric filled with sawdust and one is made of wood.  Why would they be needed?  Each time you press a seam there is an impression of that pressed seam on the front side of the fabric.  This is because the top “right side” of the fabric is thinner than the “wrong side” with the seam layers.  When the seam is pressed the impression of the bulkier seam shows up on the thinner, one layer of fabric.  A seam roll, because it is round, allows the seam to be pressed without putting pressure on the thinner top side of the goods.  You will end up with a sharply pressed seam on the wrong side that has no impression made on the right side.  Why do I have two kinds?  The fabric and sawdust seam roll absorbs the steam and sets the seam.  The wooden seam stick is made of hardwood that also absorbs the steam, but gives a much harder surface over which to press.  Because the pressing surface is harder, the pressing is very crisp.  Since different fabrics absorb steam differently, it’s nice to have the option of both pressing tools.

Both of these seam rolls do the same job. Which one I use is fabric dependent.