“A Cindy Thing”

While teaching the machine classes I try to share tips that I have found helpful in my own sewing.  Most of the time, I will share with the class the way the manual says something should be done and then I also share the “Cindy Thing”, meaning this is the way I do it, but it’s not set in stone.  If my way is helpful, please use it.  If not, I’ll never know you decided not to use my idea!  One of my “things” is in winding the bobbin.  If your machine uses a bobbin that has a “ledge” on the inside that separates the lower and upper parts of the bobbin, thread can start winding in the top portion of the bobbin first before filling up the lower portion.

Many Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff machines have this “ledge” on the inside of the bobbin.

Since the bobbin sensor only looks at the middle of the lower portion of the bobbin, the sensor can tell you the bobbin thread is running low when it really isn’t. This can be a bit annoying, especially if your machine stops every couple of stitches to remind you the bobbin thread is running low.  I solve this problem by tapping the thread as it is winding onto the bobbin. 

The bobbin is ready to start winding.
Start winding and stop immediately, so the thread is only wrapped around the top portion of the bobbin a couple times.
Gently tap on the thread as you continue to wind the bobbin.
The thread will now start winding on the lower portion of the bobbin first and will make it’s way up to fill the entire bobbin.
This technique gives you a nice full bobbin that will honestly need refilling when the bobbin sensor alerts you.

While watching one of the Heirloom Creations videos, I saw that Sara uses the same technique.  In the linked video, Sara is using the technique while winding a bobbin on a Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.2, but the practice holds true for any bobbin that has the “ledge”.  I hope this proves helpful to you!