“Sewing Nerd”

I freely admit that I am a sewing nerd.  I enjoy reading technical information on sewing related topics, just for fun.  I have multiple books discussing a wide range of sewing topics.  Some of the information I have learned I use all the time.  Other information I have never used, but I find others have needed the information and I just happened to know it.  Anyway, today I was reading the education section of the website for the Superior Thread Company.  If you have never been to the site, you may want to visit.  Bonny got me started using Superior Thread’s “Bottom Line” 60 weight thread  for my embroidery bobbin thread and I love it, but this is the first time I have visited the site.  Using a thread of high quality really does make a difference in the appearance and in the overall quality of your project.  I still use inexpensive thread for projects, such as my charity sewing of walker bags for my local nursing and rehabilitation center, but even my machine seems to know when I am not using “the good stuff”!  Anyway, go to the site and look at the right side of your screen where you will find the “Education” button.  Click to find articles on everything from thread to needles to quilting as well as videos and other fun stuff.  Happy reading!