“Planning Ahead”

This hot weather has had me thinking about cooler days ahead, looking forward to the brisk days of fall.  I got an idea for a table runner, so I started planning and programming today.  I, probably like many of you, don’t tend to use the decorative stitches on my machine to their fullest potential.   I decided to use those stitches, both on the sewing side of my machine as well as on the embroidery side, to embellish my runner.  I decided to use the words to a poem I used to teach my second grade general music students as the background for my blocks as well as for a thin inner border.  For the inner border, I used the sewing side of the machine to program the poem’s words in a straight line. 

Check your machine manual to see how large your program can be.
My machine has a “horizontal view” option. Very handy!

Most machines have the ability to program or sequence letters ranging from 60 to 99 stitches, depending upon your machine.  My Designer Diamond, the machine I’m using for this project, will handle 99 stitches with a length not to exceed 500mm (roughly 20”).  

Notice my program is 492.5 mm long by 10.5 mm wide.

Once you complete the program, remember to save it!

I saved it twice for good measure! Slot #1 is a tad shorter than the program in slot #2.

Next I started working on the blocks in two hoop sizes; 360 x 200 mm (about 14” x 8”) and 100 x 100 mm (about 4” x 4”).  These blocks also use the words to the same poem as their background, but this time the poem is not going to be stitched out in one line.   Instead the poem will move line by line down the block.

This is for the 360 X 200 mm (14″ X 8″) hoop.
This is for the 100 X 10 mm hoop (4″ X 4″). When I used the black background with the white lettering, it was much easier to see.

This took a bit more time to program, but I’m pleased with the result.  Since these blocks needed to be created in embroidery mode, I saved this to my USB stick and then went back to the sewing side of the machine and programmed the quilting stitches for the outer border using the Omnimotion stitches on the machine.  Since this program will be a repeating one, I only had to program a few stitches, making sure my program ended with a stitch that would connect with my first stitch to create the appearance of a continuous pattern of designs.

The design for the outer border. I’ll use my endless hoop to stitch this.

So there you have it!  The beginnings of a completely original table runner.  Now I just need to find the designs and/or appliques that will be in the foreground of these blocks……Back to work!