“A Follow Up”

During May and June, Bonny’s  Sewing and Fabric ran a special pre-sale on the new quilt binder attachment for both Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff machines.  Many of you took advantage of that sale, so I thought you would like a follow up on that attachment with some recent videos posted to YouTube.  I wasn’t able to find videos using Pfaff machines so all of the videos I found are using a Husqvarna Viking, but the process is identical.  The only thing you will find a bit different between the attachments for the two machines is the included special foot.  The videos from “Mira Stitch and Post” use the special foot that comes with the attachment.  The videos from “B BLTWear” makes a different decision you might find interesting.  Of special interest might be instruction on how to turn corners!  I hope these videos are helpful to you.

“Mira Stitch and Post” Unboxing the attachment, attaching the binder to the sewing machine, another video attaching the binder, the binder in action, turning the corner

“B BLTWear” attaching the binder to the machine, turning the corner