“Blind Hem Option”

As a part of the “Sewing Machine Basics” classes, I go over a number of different sewing techniques that we feel are the most commonly used by our customers.  One of those techniques is the blind hem.  Who hasn’t needed to have something hemmed and have had to take it to the cleaners or some other professional, paying to have the adjustment made because you didn’t know how to do it with your machine?  It’s probably the most useful technique I teach!  During class, we use the blind hem foot that comes with your machine, but did you ever wonder why there is an optional foot for this technique for Husqvarna Viking machines?  Positioning the stitch correctly to form the blind hem is so important to make the hem’s stitching truly “blind”.  Line up the fabric too far to the right of the foot and your hem is anything but blind whereas too far to the left of the foot means you do not catch the fold of the fabric at all; thus no hem.

Pfaff’s included accessory foot allows you to precisely line up the folded edge of the fabric along the moveable guide, allowing you to stitch exactly where you want the stitches to fall. 

Turning the metal screw on the right of the foot moves the red guide to the left or to the right for exact stitch placement along the fold of the blind hem.

The Husqvarna Viking included accessory foot D, a fixed position foot, also allows you to line up the edge of the foot along the edge of the hem’s fold, but the optional foot allows more accuracy with that alignment.

The fold of the blind hem runs along the inside right of the foot.
By turning the red dial on the right of this foot, you can adjust the entire foot to the left or to the right.

This is accomplished by turning a dial to move the entire foot to the left or the right without needing to move the fabric.  I purchased this Husqvarna Viking optional foot when I was hemming drapery.  It saved me time by allowing me to set the foot exactly where I needed it, maintaining that same setting through the yards and yards of material for each drapery panel.  If you own a Husqvarna Viking machine and will be doing a lot of blind hems, you may want to consider this optional foot for your accessory box.