“Specialty Embroidery Hoops and Quilting”

Those of you who have taken a class with me know I am definitely a “just in case” rather than a “just in time” type of customer at Bonny’s.  Over the years that philosophy has led me to buy a variety of specialty hoops “just in case” I might have a project that needed that very accessory!  Honestly, time and time again I have used every one of the hoops and accessories I have purchased because I had them waiting for me in my sewing room.  For the next two weeks I want to share with you the different specialty hoops and how I have used them in my quilting projects in the hopes this might help you should you decide to add any of these specialty hoops to your collection.

A sampling of my hoop collection!

This week I want to talk about the Endless hoops.  These hoops come in two sizes:  260 x 150mm (10.25” x 6”) and the 180 x 100mm (7” x 4”).

Both Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff have the Endless Hoops in the 10.25″ x 6″ and in the 7″ x 4″.
The hoop opens like an alligator’s mouth allowing you to move your fabric without having to remove the hoop from your machine.

Endless hoops are meant to allow you to easily embroider along the borders of your quilt before you apply your binding.  Since they do not open the way a traditional hoop does, you are able to complete your embroidery pattern, open the hoop, move and line up the fabric, close the hoop and resume your embroidering without ever removing the hoop from the machine.  (These hoops also work beautifully for non-quilting tasks too, such as making lengths of free standing lace.)  As long as you have a fabric edge to guide off of along the edge of the hoop, you are golden!  Endless embroidery designs all have registration stitches at the beginning and at the end of the design to help you line up design after design so you cannot tell where you opened the hoop and advanced the fabric. Since you do not have to use specially digitized designs in the endless hoop though, your possibilities for the use of these types of hoops really opens up.

The larger hoop works great on larger borders and on “quilt as you go” projects like this.
The smaller hoop works beautifully on smaller borders or on smaller projects.

Once you practice with one of these hoops, you will be hooked!

Husqvarna Viking 7″ x 4″ hoop 10.25″ x 6″ hoop

Pfaff 7″x 4″ hoop 10.25″ x 6″ hoop

The Endless Hoop in action