“Now That’s Cool…..”

For years I’ve enjoyed watching a program on PBS called “This Old House”.  They used to have a segment where one of the hosts brought in a tool and asked everyone else to take a guess as to what it was or how it was used.  Just as I did while watching the show, when I saw this tool for the first time I didn’t quite get it, but when I took a closer look, I was sold!

Upon first glance, I just didn’t know what they were. Once you see what they do, you’ll also say, “Now that’s cool!”

When embroidering on ready-made items, called blanks, or on larger quilted items you often have to roll the material around the hoop to keep it from getting caught in the embroidery on the bottom.  At the same time, you need to keep all the extra material out of the embroidery hoop on the top so you embroider only the area you intend to embroider.  In the past, I have used bull clips, tape, large clover clips; anything I could to keep the extra material tamed around my embroidery area until the stitching was complete.  These Metal Hoop Fabric Guides can be used with all three sizes of the metal embroidery hoops and hold back the extra fabric without having to use extraneous clips that often get in the way more than they help.

Blanks, such as this sweatshirt, can become quite unruly as you try to keep extraneous fabric out of the way of the embroidery area. These guides work like a charm. I think I may need to buy another package so I can use a guide on each of the four sides of the hoop!

These guides are attached to the hoop using the magnets already used to keep the material in the hoop.  They are very easy to place and cover a larger area than a clip so the extra material stays more tamed around the hoop.

This is how the guides attach to the hoop. You may place them anywhere on the hoop they are needed.

The extra material also does not incur any unintentional damage due to the clips snagging the material or leaving marks you didn’t anticipate.  When I find something that works I like to pass the information along!

Each box comes with two fabric guides.