“Do They Really Work?”

Frequently during my machine classes customers ask me about bias binders.  It sounds so promising that a foot can be attached to the machine to make this finish easier and faster to apply.  Many times the question is, “Do they really work?”  My answer is always “yes”, but there is a caveat.  You will need to practice using them to get the professional results you are seeking.  Much like the hemming feet, I find that using the bias binders and the quilt binder take some practice, but they do make the job much faster if you have put in the time learning how to use them.  When purchasing any of the binders you will want to keep in mind how each foot was designed to work.  Some feet are made to work with purchased binding, some are designed to work with binding you cut and create.

Adjustable binders are usually meant to work best with purchased, pre-folded single fold bias tape.

Stationary binders are meant to be used with purchased bias tape or created bias strips within a certain size range.

The new quilt binding foot (which came out this past fall) is meant to work with 1.75” fabric strips for use as binding on quilts. It is specifically designed to feed the thickness of two layers of material with batting through the foot. Husqvarna Viking Quilt Binder. Pfaff Quilt Binder. Looking each of these up in the accessory catalog available online will help you determine what foot could be just what you are looking for. In the meantime, you may want to check out this older video posted by Sara of Heirloom Creations. She demonstrates the adjustable and the stationary binders. Just know that the 1/2″ binder she demonstrates is no longer available. (The new Quilt Binders have no demonstration videos yet that I found.)