“Using Scraps”

Since it was so cold outside today, I decided it would be a good day to stay inside and re-organize the sewing room.  I do realize that to really do a good job, I would need much longer than just a day, but a dent is still a dent!  I came across some cotton scraps that I had put in a bin for another day.  Today was the day.  I found some zippers and scrap batting and started making lined zippered bags.  I bring this up because this is an excellent project for using, not only your scraps, but the decorative stitches on your machine.  I decided to use the programming abilities on my machine to bring quilting stitches into embroidery and then stitch them out as one design (which literally took 4 minutes to stitch out), but you could easily use your decorative stitches without using any embroidery capabilities at all.  I chose to use a simple arrangement of two different decorative quilting stitches.  I finished the stitching, trimmed up the batting and fabric for some straight edges, added the zipper, sewed up the sides and I was done.  The entire project, cut out to finish was exactly an hour.  I’m thinking this might be a good thing to sew for the holidays next year! 

I chose to use the embroidery side of my machine, but you could use decorative stitches to create your fabric without having an embroidery machine.
These are the two quilting stitches I used for the quilting of the lined zippered bag.
A fun little zippered bag. Next time I think I’ll try quilting horizontally.