“How You Think About It”

My excitement over using scraps for zippered bags last weekend led me in some new directions this past week.  The first bag I made was truly made from a small scrap which did make it a little trickier to sew. 

This bag was from a small scrap that limited my decorative stitching and proved tricky to sew.

This week I started thinking about the bags, not as quilted bags, but as bags made from created fabric.  It’s a bit different since quilting is not usually meant to be seen as the star of the show.  I began using the decorative stitches and embroidery quilting designs on my machine to create fabric, which I then made into bags.  The stitching did become the star of the show!   A subtle difference, but a difference none the less. My favorite bag, so far, is the material I created using tone on tone fabric and thread to stitch out one of my machine’s omni motion sewing stitches.  I programmed two flowers; one upside down and one right side up.  I then simply repeated that pattern over the whole area of the fabric.

My omni motion flower, right side up.
The same omni motion flower: one upside down and one right side up.
The same two flowers repeated over and over form a new pattern of their own.
The flower pattern as it’s being stitched out.

Also, to make the bag more appealing and easier to sew, I used one fat quarter for each lined bag.  I simply cut the fat quarter in half and put one half under the batting for the lining of the bag and one half on top of the batting for the outside of the bag.

One half of the fat quarter on top of the batting and one on the bottom. This produced a 7″ X 7″ bag. My finished bag was actually 7″ x 6″ because I chose to square the bottom so it will sit up.

For the fat quarters that were prints, I simply programmed my wide stippling stitches from my quilt stitch menu and stitched them in lines.  Since the fabric is already a print, the stippling appears to be random.

This wide stippling stitch comes from the quilting menu of the sewing side of my machine.
Fabrics with prints simply get a stippling stitch added. Here I’m quilting the fabric, not creating the fabric.
The finished product. The front……
and the back. I’m much happier with the look of this bag over last week’s effort.
For these bags I’m getting to use up some zippers I inherited. Check out the prices!!

I’ve decided to create the fabrics for all of my bags at once and then sew up the bags assembly line style. Once they’re all finished they’ll go into my gift giving bin and wait for the holidays! What type of fabric might you create this week?