“When Would I Use That Feature?”

When I bought my latest sewing and embroidery machine, there were a number of features that I thought I simply would not use.  I knew what types of projects I sewed and those features didn’t fit into what I had been doing.  Of course, because I now had the features, I began to use them!  Two of those features are Design Applique and Design Shaping (on the Pfaff machines they are rolled into one feature called Shape Creator).  On both machines this feature allows you to design an applique background in shape, size and orientation and then place lettering or embroidery designs on that background.  (If you are looking for a machine that will create an applique in the shape of a specific embroidery design, you should check out the top of the line Brother machines!)  I am creating an embroidered memory game for my nephew’s four year old son for Christmas.  I will be creating the game and then will make a bag in which to carry it all.  The following pictures demonstrate how I created the applique for the front of the bag.

I started by entering Design Applique.   I chose the shape I wanted      and then rotated the shape until it was on point.        Once on point I adjusted the size from 226 mm  to 179.9 mm.   This now fit nicely into my 200×200 hoop.  

Next I went to my fonts and created Holden’s name.     I wanted to shape the name into an arch so I went into Design Shaping.   I selected the clockwise circle  and it brought the name into the shape, but it was evenly spaced.    I chose to have it left justified  

then rotated it to the top of the circle.    Next I resized the name so it would fit into the applique area  and moved it to the place I wanted.   I went back into my fonts to create the next words   and brought them onto the screen.   After making sure the lettering was where I wanted it, I brought in an embroidery design.  

Since the design was a bit too large, I went into resize  and brought it down from its original size  to the size I needed. 

I made sure to select “Retain fill type”  and voila!  Last thing to do was to change the colors of the lettering from gold to blue.  I selected Color Edit,  Add/Remove    and changed all the gold to blue in one step.  

In a very short time I had created the applique I had seen in my mind and had saved it to be ready to stitch out when I make the game and its carry bag.