“Pleasing to the Eye”

I started sewing as a child.  I wanted to make my clothes because my parents made theirs.  Since I began with garment construction following a pattern was a must, especially since I was not old enough to create proportional patterns on my own.  Through the years I have developed the desire to make every project my own by adding either embellishments, mixing pattern pieces or designing the project from the ground up.  One of my favorite sewing areas in which to create patterns is in my quilting.  I usually start with a germ of an idea around which the entire project grows.  If you are an experienced quilter you have, no doubt, created your own patterns for your creations.  If you are new to this skill, I encourage you to take advantage of the pleasing effects that will be achieved by following the Golden Ratio or the Fibonacci number sequence.  It is a mathematical way of creating proportions that are pleasing to the eye that is found everywhere in nature.  Once you get the hang of it, you start seeing the effects of the use of these techniques in all your favorite quilts.  If you are interested in learning more, you may want to read what I consider to be an excellent explanation by famed quilter Jinny Beyer.  I hope you will give this a try in your next original project.