“Metal Hoop Know-how”

It was great to see so many of our customers at the Quilt and Sewing Expo in Fredericksburg this past week! Many of you came by and shared pictures of your current projects and of events important in your life. Some of you purchased one or more of the metal hoops for your embroidery machine, so I thought I would share with you some resources for using them. I love my metal hoops and use them often. I find them most useful when adding embroidery to pre-sewn items such as towels, tote bags and ready to wear clothing (in the embroidery world these items are known as blanks). I also use them when adding embroidered quilting designs to the quilt sandwich.  Basically, anywhere I find a traditional hooping difficult, I use my metal hoops. I do not tend to embroider designs with an extremely high stitch count, but for designs that are not overly dense, my metal hoops are perfect. If you would like to watch a how-to video on the use of the metal hoop, please follow the links below. Both videos show some interesting projects, so if you have time, you may want to view both. Husqvarna Viking                                 Pfaff