“Fleece Tips”

With these first days of nippy weather, I decided to start making a fleece top to keep warm. Fleece is such a forgiving fabric with which to work that it is a favorite of novice and experienced sewers alike. I thought I would share with you the machine settings I use to make sewing this fabric a joy. First, I use my Interchangeable Dual Feed  with the Open Toe Foot

This allows me to sew multiple layers for my seams and see clearly where I am stitching. (If you own a Pfaff machine, you would want to use the IDT System with the “Sewing Star Foot for IDT”, allowing excellent visibility.) 

I set my presser foot pressure to 3 and I use a 90/14 Schmetz Stretch needle. My seams are sewn using a straight stitch set between 3.0 and 3.5, depending on the seam I am sewing and I use my Clover clips instead of pins to keep the fabric flat while still being secured.  Again, the different sized clips are used according to the seam I am sewing. Topstitching is kept to a minimum so as not to crush the loft of the garment. None of the seams need to be finished on the inside of the garment since fleece does not fray. Finally, I will use a 4.0 to 4.5 stitch length for my hems to allow the fleece a small amount of room to stretch at the bottom edges. There you have it! I hope you sew something with fleece this fall.