“Where’s My Quilt Backing?”

Last week I shared with you that I had started a jelly roll quilt.  As I was attaching the backing to the batting and top, I thought about sharing with you how I put everything together that has consistently worked for me. I have seen videos where the backing has been attached to the table with tape or has had weights attached to it to keep it straight. I’m sure those work great for those who choose those methods, but I have found what is for me, a much simpler method that yields excellent results. I start by laying the batting down on my work surface. After making sure the batting is smooth, I lay the backing; the right side of the fabric facing up, on top of the batting and pin it in spaced rows with long straight pins. 

I next pin right along the edge of the backing fabric, creating a border of straight pins.  

With everything smooth and pinned, I turn over the pinned backing and batting.  As I am ready to attach the top of my quilt to the rest of the sandwich, I can easily see the pins I placed along the border of my backing.


I now know exactly where my backing is. This allows me to leave a significant edge of batting and backing around my quilt top without having to guess if I’m on the money. I can leave myself as much of a border as I will need to do the final embroidered quilting. Once I know where my layers are, I then continue with my regular pinning of the entire quilt with quilting safety pins, about every couple inches to hold everything securely while I quilt and embroider the top. Once I finish pinning the entire quilt, I turn the quilt sandwich over and quickly remove the straight pins I used to temporarily hold the backing and the batting together. Everything remains free of wrinkles and unexpected tucks and I know I am exactly squared on my backing and ready to move onto the next step in the process.