“Composing Embroidery Scenes”

When a sewing/embroidery machine comes into a customer’s home, the first thing that usually gets used is the embroidery capability: and why not? Customizing projects using embroidery is fascinating to watch stitch out and beautiful to look at when complete. Single design embroidery is the easiest skill on the machine,

but what about when you want to expand your skills and start creating embroidered scenes or vignettes? How do you do that? There are a couple ways to start on this learning curve. One way is to use the largest hoop that came with your machine and stitch multiple designs within that hoop area without un-hooping the fabric in between stitching the designs. This is how each of the blocks in this birthday table runner was accomplished.  The other way to create larger design vignettes or scenes is to plan out multiple hoopings so the designs will cover an area too large to fit into one hoop. This technique is best accomplished using paper templates that can be printed out from computer software (which is free from Husqvarna Viking and from Pfaff). Once a pleasing arrangement has been created, the fabric is marked and the multiple times and ways in which the hoop will be relocated are planned to achieve the finished scene. By using this technique, I am able to create an overall design much larger than my largest hoop. Just remember to keep in mind what is pleasing to the eye. Stand back from your work often as you plan and make sure you are happy with what you see before you start marking the fabric and stitching out the designs!