“Rolled Hemmers”

Summer is a great time to break out the Rolled Hem presser feet you may have in your accessory tray and whip up some picnic napkins, ruffles, light weight scarves; the list is endless! These hemmers are common to all home sewing machines, no matter the manufacturer and can produce a beautiful, professional looking hem. They do take a bit of practice though, so I thought you might appreciate seeing a couple videos that are particularly good in their demonstration of the different stitches and techniques that can be used to create different finished looks. It is easiest to hem in one straight line when you are just beginning, but with a little bit of practice, you will soon be turning corners and sewing in circles! Not all the sizes of hemmers are available for all machines, but these tutorials will give you a good idea of what is possible. The first video is by Sara at Heirloom Creations. She will show you how to start your fabric and how to add lace, hem in a circle and more. The second video is by The Colorful World of Sewing and provides an excellent demonstration of how to turn corners, different methods for getting the hem started and how to use different stitches to produce different sized scallops.