“Make Something Unique”

It’s always fun to have something new to wear. As the seasons change, we tend to add things to our wardrobe that are reflective of our personal style. You don’t have to be a garment sewer to add unique touches to new wardrobe pieces. I have often talked, in this blog, about using the decorative stitches that came on your machine. No matter what machine make or model you own, you have a selection of decorative stitches (or utility stitches that can be used decoratively) that can make things you wear uniquely you. A purchased shirt can sport a contrasting pocket that features decorative stitches. A new tote can have a row of ribbon stitches around the top (ribbon stitches are available on select Pfaff machines). A jacket can have a circle of decorative stitches on the back using the Circular Attachment for your machine.              

Take some time to make a sampler of the decorative stitches available on your machine. Stitch them out using different decorative threads or even using different sized twin needles. Once you have made the sampler, keep it handy to spark your creative juices as you bring garments, accessories or home décor items home.